Programs We Support

We support the following programs, which have demonstrated their ability to increase prosocial behavior.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an extraordinary program that promotes empathy and compassion in children by involving them in the growth and development of a newborn baby together with the baby's parents. The program follows a curriculum to encourage the children to identify with the needs of the baby and, in turn, learn more about their own emotions. Independent research studies have validated that Roots of Empathy decreases aggression and increases prosocial behavior. See a list of some of the Roots of Empathy studies here. Donate directly to Roots of Empathy

Guiding Rage Into Power (GRIP)

GRIP is a remarkable one-year accountability program that works with incarcerated people to understand the origins of their violence and develop skills to manage strong impulses rather than act out in harmful ways. See a list of some of the GRIP studies here. Donate directly to GRIP


MindUP is a neuroscience-inspired program that teaches the skills and knowledge children need to regulate their stress and emotion, form positive relationships, and act with kindness and compassion. We're excited to sponsor research to investigate the effects of a new MindUP intervention for educators vs the existing MindUP program for students. See a list of some of the MindUP studies here. Donate directly to MindUP

Healthy Minds Innovations

Healthy Minds Innovations is a nonprofit founded on the work of the neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson and affiliated with the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its premise is that with the right science, tools, and effort, we can train our minds to improve our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us. Though its core focus is on well-being, a number of studies have linked increase well-being to increased prosocial behavior. Donate directly to Healthy Minds Innovations

Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiative (NEPI)

NEPI is a program based in Liberia that focuses on the reduction of youth crime and violence to create safe communities for everyone with a cognitive behavior therapy-based youth rehabilitation and cash transfer program. A randomized control trial with a 10-year follow-up demonstrated that the program reduced crime and violence by 50% among participants. Donate directly to NEPI